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Thuraya Satellite Phone

Top Thuraya Satellite Phone Models Currently Sold in the Market

One of the best satellite phone companies out there right now is Thuraya. Their satellite networks allow for complete coverage in most – if not all – places in the whole world. They have established roaming agreements in more than 160 countries. The question now is, what are the best Thuraya satellite phone models currently sold in the market? Let’s check out what Thuraya has to offer.

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Satellite Phone Use Pros and Cons

Satellite Phone Use Pros and Cons

One of the most important considerations when buying a satellite phone is its pros and cons. Whether you want to have a satellite phone handy in case of emergencies or simply have it, so you won’t worry getting out of touch during long, rural and unfamiliar journeys, a satellite phone is a convenient, safety tool.

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Satellite Phone

Everything That You Need to Know About a Satellite Phone

Modern technology has taught us to rely on our cellular phones, landline phones and the internet. But imagine a time when local communication systems get compromised due to natural disasters or an emergency occurred somewhere without a phone coverage. This can happen anytime, anywhere and it can quickly turn from bad to worse. But with the right preparation and a satellite phone, which bypasses the local systems, these circumstances will be easier to handle.

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Care and Maintenance Tips

Top Satellite Phone Care and Maintenance Tips

There are several types of satellite phones, but familiar brands are Thuraya and Iridium satellite phones. These models are small, easy to carry, easy to use, and used in Africa and the Middle East. Before we dive right into the tips on caring for and maintaining your satellite phone, let us discuss some of the features.

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Satellite Phone buying

Satellite Phone Buying: A Comprehensive Guide

Previously, satellite phones were usually for government personnel, those in the army, and people who did search and rescue operations among others. However, times are changing, and they have become more attractive and useful to the common person due to several factors.

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Iridium Satellite Phone Models

Top Iridium Satellite Phone Models Currently Sold in the Market

If you will be travelling and you are looking for a satellite phone, one key brand that you should look at is Iridium. They are a premiere satellite communications company that allows communications the world over due to their Iridium Satellite Network. It comprises a total of 66 LEO satellites in orbit. There are several great Iridium satellite phone models that you can consider for your travels. Let’s check the top Iridium satellite phones currently sold in the market.

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Coverage maps for Iridium, Inmarsat, Thuraya and Globalstar. Compare to your hearts delight with all major networks compiled in one place.

A handy assortment of user manuals, guides and quick starts for all models in one spot.

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