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Top Iridium Satellite Phone Models Currently Sold in the Market

If you will be travelling and you are looking for a satellite phone, one key brand that you should look at is Iridium. They are a premiere satellite communications company that allows communications the world over due to their Iridium Satellite Network. It comprises a total of 66 LEO satellites in orbit. There are several great Iridium satellite phone models that you can consider for your travels. Let’s check the top Iridium satellite phones currently sold in the market.

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Component Issue Delays Iridium Next Launches by Four Months

PARIS — Mobile satellite services provider Iridium Communications on Oct. 29 said the inaugural launch of its second-generation constellation had slipped again and now will not occur before April. The delay, from December, will automatically push the second launch — of 10 satellites on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket — back by four months, to August. Iridium’s insurers want the ...

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Can Iridium Traffic-Tracking Technology Save Airlines Money

Currently the air-traffic monitoring system is safe but very inefficient due to limitations with existing transmission capabilities. Aircraft must travel with about 100 nautical miles of air space around each of them. Satellite communications would help reduce this to as little as five miles, allowing more planes to fly within the jet stream, or change altitude to avoid fuel-sapping turbulence. ...

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How Satellites Will Fuel The Next Wave of Journalism

Without doubt, the rise of citizen journalism has transformed traditional means of newsgathering and dissemination. A new breed of public citizens and independent media are leveraging the latest advances in digital technology to provide on-the-ground news updates. Independent news outlets around the world are gaining in credibility, especially in terms of providing alternative viewpoints and driving online news collaboration that ...

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