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Plugging the wireless communication gap with Inmarsat CEO Rupert Pierce

The idea of heterogenous communication networks deploying different architectures and technologies in one complementary mesh is still a revolutionary concept. But according to Rupert Pearce, the CEO of mobile satellite communications industry leader and pioneer Inmarsat, this is already the direction which the growing digital society is taking. Seeing best-of-breed terrestrial mobile, WiFi, and satellite technologies working together will provide ...

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Is INMARSAT The Next Apple?

Over 35 years after eighty-six countries came together to found Inmarsat with a maritime safety mandate, the London-headquartered mobile communications company continues to innovate and contribute to global connectivity through its network of satellites. Recently, the company launched its I-5 F3 satellite, the third of four new satellites that will help bring global commercial coverage of Inmarsat’s new Global Xpress ...

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How Satellites Will Fuel The Next Wave of Journalism

Without doubt, the rise of citizen journalism has transformed traditional means of newsgathering and dissemination. A new breed of public citizens and independent media are leveraging the latest advances in digital technology to provide on-the-ground news updates. Independent news outlets around the world are gaining in credibility, especially in terms of providing alternative viewpoints and driving online news collaboration that ...

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