Satellite Phone Review emerged from the ashes of a burned to a crisp middle manager. After spending 10 years in the mobile satellite communications industry Matthew Kassel was frustrated. Trying to work within the framework of a poorly designed distribution system with layers of middlemen and resellers stalled growth and innovation. Network operators didn’t know what consumers needed, manufacturers didn’t get quality consumer input and customers couldn’t get what they wanted.

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.

— Albert Einstein

Teri left the corporate scene, enlivened by the prospect of bridging the information gap between consumers and suppliers.

Satellite Phone Review consolidates practical information and tips about handheld mobile satellite phones and data terminals into one easy to navigate site. Most importantly it gives you, the consumer, a place to voice your opinion, share your experiences and help each other make better choices.

Honesty is appreciated so please feel free to contact Teri with ideas or constructive criticism about Satellite Phone Review.