Satellite Phone Use Pros and Cons

“Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity” – Nat Turner

The accomplishments that the world has achieved today were made possible because of good and effective communication. Communication has always been one of the success factors that contributed to humanity’s greatest achievements and survival ever since the start of time. It is undeniable that without communication, the world would not be as good as it is today. No man can ever be genuinely successful without the help of another. This is true as success comes after collective effort, understanding and acceptance among one another.

Satellite phones is one of the many tools that allow people to keep their communication lines open regardless of where they are and in what circumstance they may be in. It has become one of the must-haves for certain people in the community. Over the years, satellite phones have become more and more popular and its demand is more likely going to have an upward trend in the coming years.

One of the most important considerations when buying a satellite phone is its pros and cons. Whether you want to have a satellite phone handy in case of emergencies or simply have it, so you won’t worry getting out of touch during long, rural and unfamiliar journeys, a satellite phone is a convenient, safety tool.

Pros of having a Satellite Phone

Pros of having a Satellite Phone

One of the obvious advantages of having a satellite phone is that you won’t have to worry about losing communication. Satellite phones open your line of communication wherever you are. But what exactly are some of the advantages of having a satellite phone?

  1. Reliable – even with cellular phone outages, satellite phones will still work and are unaffected by the outage. Most satellite phones also have awesome battery packs that does not easily run out, so it really is a reliable communication tool.
  2. User-Friendly – satellite phones are not as complicated as regular phones. In fact, it can even store important contact numbers that you can quickly dial as soon as needed. Satellite phones can even receive texts and send one too.
  3. Global Coverage – satellite phone coverage is far better than regular cellphone coverage. Most satellite phones cover remote and rural locations around the globe and losing coverage is highly unlikely.
  4. GPS – whether you are on a trip or in an accident, satellite phones can automatically transmit your location in case immediate assistance or help is needed. So, no matter where and what your situation is, you won’t vanish from the map.
  5. Contact in Case of emergency – with satellite phones, you can easily contact disaster response team and your loved ones in case you are in a tight spot. You just need to store their contact information before taking any trip for easier use.

Cons of having a Satellite Phone

Cons of having a Satellite Phone

There is no question that having a satellite phone comes with many advantages. But there are also disadvantages that need to be considered before deciding to get a satellite phone. What are some of the disadvantages to be remembered?

  1. Works outside – since satellite phones rely mostly on satellites above the earth, it is almost impossible to use it indoors. Huge obstacles such as mountains and trees can even make it impossible to use.
  2. Bigger – satellite phones are much bigger than regular phones and are also heavier. Even when it is bigger in size though, its features are far less than compared to the regular phones. So, it is an inconvenience especially in long trips as it only adds to the weight that you will need to bring.
  3. Higher cost charges – buying a satellite phone is not cheap and using it is also expensive. Per minute charges are far higher than the regular cellphones for both texting and calling. Even receiving a phone call will be charged against you.
  4. Maintenance – if one of the geosynchronous satellites malfunction, the entire network is affected and can only be up and running again after it gets fixed. Repairs can take longer than the regular cell tower repairs.

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With all that’s pointed out above, it is clear that the pros outweighs the cons of having a satellite phone. A few inconveniences are worth taking in exchange of safety, security and reliability. It is also important to keep in mind that before you start using it, you are well-prepared of the potential charges, so it is best to just use it if necessary. The society is evolving rapidly and along with it is the change that we also see in our world. Because of this, both our world and our society have become very unpredictable which is why keeping a satellite phone handy will definitely help. We should never forget that even in the worst possible scenarios, communication is key to survival.

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