TelAstra Satellite Phone Comparison Study

Inmarsat commissioned TelAstra to carry out an independent study to evaluate IsatPhone Pro against a number of other leading satellite communication phones on the market. This study was conducted by Roger Rusch an independent satellite communications consultant with over 45 years of industry experience. He tested IsatPhone Pro, Thuraya XT and Iridium 9555 – three of the market’s leading satellite phones against each of the following criteria. The six criteria together have been used by Inmarsat to describe the IsatPhone Pro as the ultimate combination:

  1. Global coverage
  2. Robust handset
  3. Clear voice quality
  4. Reliable network connection
  5. Long battery life
  6. Easy to use

TelAstra, Inc. evaluated the three satphones over a period of two months in 16 locations around the world.

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