Thuraya’s Low Cost XT-Lite Review by SPI Group

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Thuraya offers its customer base a penny-wise solution to communicate with the Thuraya XT – Lite.

Mobile phones prove to be obsolete in extreme environments which are fuelled by raging temperatures. Evidently, a satellite phone can resolve such hurdles with a call and get your business back on the road. Off late, high-priced satellite phones have been swarming the market, making it a prohibitive purchase. With stagnant purchasing power, sky rocketing prices have become the root cause of the decline. Hence, Thuraya, the telecom giant aims at overcoming the astronomical prices. It intends to restore the fiscal balance that influences demand and supply. Introducing the Thuraya XT-Lite – a lightweight and cost effective means of communication.

It all started with Hughes 7100, Thuraya’s first satellite phone that streamlined a strategy to acquire a position in the market place in the long run. Strutting its serviceable features, the Hughes 7100 managed to consolidate a foothold in the technology industry. The Thuraya XT raised the benchmark with its effective combo of efficiency and responsiveness. Now, the Thuraya XT-Lite heads out to hit the bull’s-eye. As compared to its predecessor, the XT-Lite flaunts a modish body, rounded up with all the essentials that a consumer trapped in a deserted island would need. Yes, staying connected has never been so effortless and inexpensive when you have an XT-Lite buckled to your belt. It’s one of those phones, James Bond would have.

There is an ongoing debate about which is the world’s most efficient mobile brand? Nobody would enter this ring of fire, however, the answer is, any phone that can let you communicate from anywhere on Earth. Literally, anywhere. This is what the XT-Lite does. It lets consumers communicate and be connected from locations even your iPhone wouldn’t know existed. It may not look like a savvy sleek gizmo you could fashion with your tux, but it can get you connected with two-thirds of the globe (160 countries) within seconds. Get that! Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa are meticulously mapped out by Thuraya’s satellite network to offer distortion free and seamless connectivity.

Remember the movie Cast Away? If Tom Hanks had the Thuraya XT-Lite, not only would be able to contact his girlfriend about the crash, but also deliver the Christmas packages on time. Now, that’s effective and efficient business. With the XT-Lite in hand, you can track as well as contact the on-field workforce anytime. Whether the fleet is trailing a desert or the distributor is on his way to deliver the goods in a remote region, just pick up the XT-Lite and dial the number. No matter where business takes you, Thuraya’s XT-Lite leverages its dependable and steadfast network to keep you in the loop, even in the most challenging circumstances. Hence, simplifying the supply chain and distribution process.

One glance at Thuraya’s XT-Lite and Nokia’s 3310 comes to mind. It may not be dressed to kill, but definitely serves its purpose well. It is constructed to fit in your hand with perfection. The sturdy exterior lends a stronger grip an enhanced durability. The body accommodates a robust keypad, an earphone jack and an Omni-directional antenna to deliver timely service. The no-frill grid menu is well-defined by its uncongested display. A splash of hues would jazz up the device, however since it caters to the needs and requirements of the business strata, the monochrome background works to the T. This featherweight phone supports 12 languages which elevates the experience. Once you have charged the device, make sure the SIM card works. Thereafter, configure the language of your choice and then you can talk your way to the destination. The menu encompasses the address book, call logs, speed dialing, conference calls, calculator, calendar alarms, stopwatch, world time and more. The extended battery life makes it a valuable companion when on the road. Thuraya’s XT-Lite enables the user to send text messages and make calls via its potent network to facilitate the walk-and-talk approach. Perked up with 80 hours of standby time and 6 hours of talk time, the phone is bound to add profitable value to your competitive edge. The GPS function assists the user in navigating roads by displaying the directions and calculating the distance, as well as sending coordinates via text messages to zero down on the exact position. Moreover, a GSM SIM card is compatible with the XT-Lite. Although, the user needs to use the phone on roaming mode.

The telecommunications giant has instilled a favorable feature in the XT product line, called GEO reporting (SOS). The feature gives the user the liberty to affix a number as their emergency contact. Whenever the user dials the emergency number, it will relay a signal delivering the GPS coordinates to the contact.

As 2015 kicks off, Thuraya plans to embark on a new endeavor, that is to position itself with the big guns of the industry namely, Spacex, Spotify, Tesla and so on. They have analyzed and charted a plan to launch advanced renditions of ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD), ‘Machine to Machine’ (M2M) and Maritime voice and data products. Also, they will set off a paradigm shift by overcoming prominent but disputable elements that actuate a purchase by providing great emphasis to user experience, form factor, convergence, affordable service and product.

To sum up, the well-calibration of longevity and cost effectiveness makes Thuraya’s XT-Lite worthwhile.

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